Planning and production of breweries for cruise liners

To meet the customer’s desire for transparency and something new, appealing to both mind and soul, the idea of a glass brewhouse was born. In restaurant breweries they are an impressive visual enrichment and in the field of teaching and research they allow direct observation of the brewing process with optimal multifunctionality.

In the meantime we have realised more than 40 “glass breweries” worldwide – a real success story. The feeling of participating in the brewing process and the direct insight into the creative work of the master brewer are unforgettable experiences for your guests.


3 hl Breweries

Carnival Cruises: Vista, Horizon, Panorama; MSC Cruises World


5 hl Breweries

AIDA Cruises: Blue, Stella, Mar, Sol; Carnival Cruises: Mardi Gras


8,5 hl Breweries

AIDA Cruises: Prima, Perla, Nova, Cosma