On Top in Poland ...

Once again, a beer of the Polish brewery chain “Bierhalle” was crowned to be the Beer of the Year, brewed in a Joh.Albrecht brewery plant. In 2011, the Pilsener beer of the “Bierhalle” received the title RESTAURANT BEER OF THE YEAR by the organization "Bractwo Piwne".Since 2006, the first "Bierhalle" in Warsaw (www.bierhalle.pl) took the glass brewing plant in operation, there is a new participant in the national and international beer competitions in Poland.

Graduate brew master Krzystof Ozdarski was convinced of the quality of its beer that he did no fear the comparison. And he was right because from the beginning, he took the top positions among the competititors - large Polish and international breweries. This speaks in his favour for his craftsmanship and the quality of the brewery plant. As he later even got a gold medal for his wheat beer and sent Paulaner to the second place we were also a little proud: it was first wheat beer brewed in Poland, Krzystof learned recipe and technology from us.

“Bierhallen” in Lodz and Katowice followed, and soon it was common that “Bierhalle” arranged the top three placings among them. That now another Polish brewery also sometimes reaches the top three, might worry Krzystof  - but not us. Bogdan and his brewery "Grodzka 15" (www.grodzka15.pl) in Lublin has also received his brewery plant and his training by us. Let's see what will follow.

Joh. Albrecht quality is well known in Poland - we certainly provide the most tanks there. Many breweries buy tanks from us, partly to upgrade, partly instead of tanks which are offered with other brewery plants.

Poland as a country with a beer culture which has been existing for decades can certainly not be compared with "exotics" such as Japan, Korea or the Middle East. The more we are proud and share the happiness with our customers to contribute to this success and to be right at the front regarding the quality.