JOH.ALBRECHT Glass Brewhouse - Now also in Bangkok      

On 9 December 2009 at the symbolic time of 19:33 (1933 foundation of the Singha Brewery) the Boon Rawd Brewery opened its new 5hl micro brewery in Chrystal Design Centre in Bangkok (

The modern design based on the history of “Singha Beer” includes many details of the history of the brewery. The two-unit glass brewhouse is arranged in the center of the restaurant, the storage cellar behind a glass wall.

The Est. 33 offers 3 kinds of beer. The „Copper“ - it's a good mid way beer between a lager and a british bitter, so takes being well chilled and has a good smooth flavour without being bland. The Est.33 lager is smoother than the standard bottled Singha and it is very refreshing. The black beer is very malty and strong. All the beers are slightly cloudy, un-pasteurised  

Joh.Albrecht came in contact with Boon Rawd during the “Brau” Exhibition in Nuremberg and the “Drinktech” in Munich last years. In 2009 finally the management of Boon Rawd decided to build a new brew pub like a show room for Singh Beer. The very special glass brew house of Joh.Albrecht was the only way to support this idea and to give the project the right shape. For this decision Joh.Albrecht congratulates the Boon Rawd Brewery.